Kalyani ALSTOM Power Ltd. is a joint-venture between the Kalyani Group, a leading Indian engineering conglomerate, and ALSTOM, a French industrial giant dominant globally in the power and transportation sectors.

Kalyani ALSTOM Power Ltd.

Making a Mark in India’s Power Sector

The company will manufacture heat exchangers and other auxiliary equipment for steam turbine generator islands in the range of 300 to 800MW for sub-critical and super-critical thermal power applications.

Kalyani ALSTOM Power Ltd.'s facility will be based out of one of the largest integrated power equipment manufacturing sites in the private sector in India. Spread over 120 acres in Mundra, in the Indian state of Gujarat, the facility will have an initial annual installed capacity of 5000MW.

Bridging the power demand-supply gap

It is estimated that India's power generation capacity will grow from a current level of 159 giga watts (GW) to about 331 GW by 2017 and the country aspires to reach a capacity of 800 GW by 2031-32. India's per capita power consumption, according to the country's Central Electricity Authority, was 704.2 kWh in 2007-08 -- one of the lowest in the world. The increasing energy needs, in rural and other areas of the country, is a key factor pushing demand for greater power generation. A large part of rural India, for instance, still continues to live without electricity and hence rural electrification is of utmost importance for the government of India. As India's economy grows from the current GDP level of 7.4% to an expected double digit level in the coming years; its agricultural, industrial and services sectors will contribute significantly in spurring the demand for power generation.

The government's encouragement to private enterprise in building the country's power generation capacity will play a crucial role in bridging the power demand and supply gap. Numerous independent power producers from diverse backgrounds are in the fray for setting up power plants of varying capacities around the country. These initiatives are also enabling the establishment of new back-end ventures in power equipment manufacturing.

Kalyani ALSTOM Power Ltd. will contribute significantly to power generation in the country as a leading power equipment manufacturer.

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